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Shehnai is a type of wind instrument and it is doubling reeded. Shehnai has two higher reeds and there are two minor reeds. Shehnai is made of wood and it has a brass bell involved to one end. Generally the length of a Shehnai varies from one and a half to two feet. The wooden tube of the Shehnai usually widens at the lower end. A brass tube is close to the reed of the Shehnai.

Shehnai is extensively used in Himachal Pradesh to blot the favorable occasions. In marriage ceremonies in north India, especially in Himachal Pradesh, Shehnai is one of the important Musical Instrument. In the past days, Shehnai was among the nine instruments forming a Naubat in a royal court. In any auspicious festival or during ceremonies in the temples, Shehnai is also played.
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